Welcome To Salon Mon Ami - Family Hair Salon - Wyandotte

Welcome to Salon Mon Ami

We believe that appearance is a powerful form of communication, a language we all speak. We want to help people speak that language fluently and with confidence.

Every person is beautiful. Every one.  Busy in our daily lives we forget how beautiful we are. Mon Ami is a place that reminds people of, just how beautiful and important they are.

What makes Salon Mon Ami special, is without a doubt, the staff. Each and every one of our team member is dedicated professional. They are all talented and qualified individuals who are trained in giving our clients the style they are looking for and making sure they leave with a smile.

When you have a team of such amazing artists it is only fair to equip them with the best products to work with. That’s why we recently turned to “Kenra Professional”. Kenra is a top brand in styling world and in capable hands of our artists, it makes Mon Ami the best salon in down river area.

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